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Family Nurse Practitioner

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With ten years of direct patient care experience in intensive care, Sherene is recognized for her strong clinical background and expertise, as well as her passion for delivering quality care for health optimization.

A nationally-board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Sherene earned her FNP education from San Francisco State University, California in 2020. Prior to becoming an NP, Sherene earned her undergraduate degree in nursing in 2011 also from SFSU.

Initially, Sherene found her love for medical aesthetics due to the customizable treatment plans for each patient’s individual anatomy and goals. Seeing her patients experience newfound confidence is especially rewarding.

Therefore, Sherene is committed to being at the forefront of understanding the aging process and to providing her patients with the education and tools necessary for enhancing natural beauty, achieving vitality, and improving longevity. Her goal is to support each patient in all aspects of their health, inside and out, by using a proactive, preventative, evidence-based approach.

“I love what I do because I can blend both my creative self and my medical knowledge while applying cutting edge anti-aging technologies in order to help my patients reach their goals, boost self-confidence, and improve their quality of life.”

In her spare time, Sherene loves to go sightseeing and find the hidden gems and secrets throughout the city and places she travels to, plus spending time with her family and pets.