Premier Wellness and Aesthetics Center

Primary Physician

Dr. Harlan L. South, MD

In Union Square, San Francisco, Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center is the top-choice age management and aesthetics clinic for adults experiencing changes in their appearance and functioning. Internist and the primary physician, Harlan L. South, MD, and the staff focus on health, rather than sickness or impending ailments, to help patients feel like their best selves at each new stage of life.

To help patients learn to live with wellness in mind, the team provides preventive age management care. Patients can receive guidance with their diets, supplements, exercise, and other components of their lifestyle that could mean the difference between living a life tied to constant medical care or embracing the changes that come with age. 

Some age-related changes and symptoms appear as the result of hormone reduction. To help patients struggling with symptoms of menopause or andropause, the clinic offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with minimal chances of negative side effects. The treatment helps restore libido, energy, and even some patients’ skin quality.

For patients who would like to boost their self-confidence in their appearance at any age, Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center offers many of today’s most innovative noninvasive treatments. Patients can reduce skin blemishes with laser skin care treatments and intense pulsed light (IPL), reshape or tone their bodies with body sculpting, or remove wrinkles and fine lines with Botox®, fillers, and other injectables. 

If you’re interested in gaining a new lease on life with aesthetic treatments or in-depth age management care, don’t hesitate to call Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center or set up an appointment online at your convenience.