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Despite its popularity as a useful age management treatment, Botox has attracted its share of scorn and skepticism over the years. However, what many detractors may not know is that Botox was originally developed for non-cosmetic purposes. The surprising history of Botox demonstrates that it has many life-improving applications beyond aesthetics.

How Botox Works

Before we look at the surprising ways that Botox can be used, it’s important to first understand how Botox works. It is a paralyzing agent that, when injected into the body, prevents certain molecules from being absorbed into nerve endings, inhibiting their function. It functions the same way no matter what medical purpose it is being used for.

Its diverse applicability as a treatment isn’t an inherent quality of Botox, but rather the result of how various fields harness it to help patients.

Surprising Uses for Botox

Eye Issues
The original intention for Botox was as a treatment for people with crossed eyes. Soon after, its ability to help control eye muscle spasms was noticed. Because of the way it affects nerves, Botox had big benefits for people with uncontrolled blinking and other conditions involving muscles on the face.

Botox’s effectiveness as a way to prevent migraines also grew out of its original use as a treatment for crossed eyes. Patients who received Botox for their eye conditions reported experiencing fewer headaches, which prompted research into this potential use for it. The results were persuasive and migraine prevention became an on-label use for Botox more than ten years ago.

Overactive Bladder
This common condition causes a constant feeling of having to use the bathroom and often results in accidents and incontinence. It is linked to nerve signals instructing the brain that the bladder urgently needs to be emptied, leading to spasms and leakage. Once again, Botox’s power as a paralyzing agent offers life-changing treatment to the people suffering from this condition by relaxing the bladder so it can fill up more before triggering the urge to go.

The List Goes On

Many more uses exist for Botox and more are being developed as we speak. Under the supervision of the FDA and in the hands of qualified medical professionals, Botox has the potential to improve many people’s lives in a wide variety of ways.

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