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Mental health is something we all worry about. But if you don’t, I do. Of course, your brain health is dependent on a range of factors, including family history, genetics, and concussions that we sustain from childhood through our lives.

And with cases of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) on the rise, it is important to understand what triggers it and how to slow down AD symptoms. Fortunately, Dr. Harlan L. South and the team at Premier Wellness and Aesthetics Center can help you understand and reverse the effects of AD through a comprehensive wellness program.

The biggest question among women at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease is whether it is safe to consider Hormone Replacement Therapy after menopause. Ideally, studies indicate that menopausal women can benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, and they are quite reliable.

But before you consider HRT, you need to understand what natural hormone production and balance depend on. Notably, hormone production and balance are dependent on GI health, stress levels, diet, sleep habits, and liver function. Thus, these factors come in handy when you decide to balance your hormones.

The three most important hormones you would want to monitor are progesterone, estrogen, progestin, and thyroid hormones. You need to test them from time to time once you hit your late 30s to get your baseline.

Menopause Symptoms That Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Relieve

HRT can help reduce your risks to brain, heart health, and an array of other chronic and acute illnesses. Furthermore, HRT comes in handy in relieving the following menopause symptoms;

  • Night sweats and red flushes
  • Mild bladder incontinence
  • Pains and aches
  • Memory loss, mood disturbance, and other cognitive issues
  • Palpitations
  • Abnormal hair growth and hair loss

Consider Commencing Your Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Harlan L. South

Our team’s Wellness in Mind program can help you know when to commence your Hormone Replacement Therapy. The program will help you balance your hormones by guiding you on your supplements, exercise, diet, and your lifestyle in general. Besides, Premier Wellness and Aesthetics Center is your destination for hormone testing and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Any woman worried about cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, or Osteoporosis should consider this program. Please consider hormone testing in your 30s or 40s. However, you can work closely with a qualified doctor if you are above 50 years old and worried about your brain health.