Body Sculpting may sound like a more complex procedure than it actually is, but it is one of the simplest nonsurgical treatments around. Developed in the 1980s, body sculpting was introduced as an additional system to loosen scar tissue, and it eventually became a solution for eliminating cellulite as well. The process can be applied to the body or face area, and it can also boost the immune system as well as circulation. 

What should I expect during the Procedure? 

During the body sculpting process, the aesthetician massages the affected area gently using a hand held device. This promotes the removal of fat cells and stimulates collagen production. During a regular treatment session, patients can expect the process to last for 30 to 45 minutes. If you have questions about the procedure, you are welcome to communicate with Dr. South and his team to make sure there are no complications ahead of time. 

Are there Side Effects During the Recovery Period? 

The valuable aspect of body sculpting is that there is no down time. Most patients can resume their daily routine almost immediately following treatment. In addition, some treated areas – even if they experience soreness, can recover in a few days. 

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