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A diagnosis of dementia is no longer a reason to lose hope. New treatment options are available that treat and potentially reverse the symptoms of dementia and help patients maintain a good quality of life.

A whole-body approach to treating dementia

Historically, therapies that focus solely on treating the symptoms of dementia have not produced good outcomes. This is why new therapies are taking a whole-body approach that incorporates multiple systems. One such therapy is the Bredesen protocol. 

The Bredesen protocol takes an overall view of your health and your risk factors, including genetics and lifestyle, in order to create a comprehensive approach to treatment. This approach, which combines lifestyle changes and functional medicine, has produced beneficial results for dementia patients in as little as six months. 

Using recommended techniques from an internal medicine doctor, the Bredesen protocol works synergistically, which is to say that it involves several elements that all work together to promote health and healing. All of the components are necessary to achieve the desired results. 

Bredesen protocol treatments target the following areas: 

  • Diet changes that emphasize micronutrients to support gastrointestinal health
  • Stress reduction through mindfulness activities
  • Strategies to encourage high-quality, restful sleep 
  • Brain exercises to increase focus and sharpen cognitive abilities
  • Hormone balancing  

The success of these strategies is measured during a series of follow-up appointments that evaluate overall health through blood work, cognitive tests, and a physical examination. 

Patients typically experience an improvement in their dementia symptoms, and a reversal of cognitive impairment, that allows them to resume their normal routines and activities.

A customized treatment plan with no risk

No two hormone therapy treatment plans are quite the same under the Bredesen protocol, as this approach is uniquely customized for each patient’s specific genetics, lifestyle, and circumstances. This treatment plan is also flexible and evolves as the treatment progresses to offer the best and most comprehensive support at every stage of health and healing. 

Aside from its ability to restore health and function to dementia patients, one of the most exciting things about the Bredesen protocol is that it has no adverse side effects. Its sole goal is to enhance overall well-being through a whole-body approach, and all of its strategies are health-promoting with no real risk of unwanted side effects.

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