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A Preventive Approach

The older you get, the more unforeseen changes occur to your body. However, aging doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through the changes or fight illness for the rest of your life. At Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center in San Francisco, Harlan L. South, MD, provides age management medicine, a preventive approach to care that helps you focus on your health as you age and promotes longevity. Book your age management appointment by phone or online at Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center today.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Age Management Medicine Q & A

What is the focus of age management medicine?

Age management medicine is a relatively new medical field that focuses on preventive care as you age. More specifically, age management medicine helps you learn to stay active, healthy, and satisfied with life as you experience the mental and physical changes that come with age. Undergoing age management treatments may also maximize longevity.

Rather than waiting until you get sick to seek treatment, age management medicine helps you minimize your chances of falling ill or getting injured in the first place. It emphasizes your current health rather than sickness or the potential for it. While many people associate aging with inevitable illness and ailments, age management medicine aims to shift this perception to be more positive.

What might my age management plan include?

At Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center, you develop a close relationship with Dr. South. He becomes familiar with your medical history, your family history, and your habits and inclinations to identify ways to benefit your health and prevent you from needing extensive medical care. To do so, he forms a dynamic wellness plan for you that may include:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Nutraceuticals (vitamins and other supplements)
  • Help with your diet
  • Help with exercising
  • Stress management techniques
  • Aesthetic treatments

You can visit Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center regularly for help following or adjusting your plan or guidance with new and unexpected age-related developments. Dr. South answers all of your questions about your health and tells you how each component of your plan benefits you.

How will I benefit from age management medicine?

Age management medicine benefits you in many ways beyond simply lowering your chances of getting sick. Specifically, the benefits of partaking in age management medicine help you:

  • Get the proper nutrition
  • Keep your body in shape
  • Improve your body image and self-confidence
  • Combat age-related changes to your sexual health and vivacity
  • Manage symptoms of menopause or andropause
  • Live a longer life

In following a plan for wellness, you feel that your life has more structure. You also rest easy knowing that you’re doing the most that you can to keep your body and your mind functional.

Rather than fretting about new changes to your body as you age and awaiting sickness, call Premier Wellness & Aesthetics Center or book an appointment online for preventive age management medicine today.