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Laser Skin Treatment

One effect of aging is that our skin becomes less flexible, more wrinkled, and more brittle. If we spend a lot of time in the sun and fail to moisturize or put on sunscreen, these effects become more pronounced because of UV damage.

How to bring that youthful glow back to your skin? Laser skin treatments are the answer. Laser technology has become so advanced and precise that it can be used to target old, weathered layers of skin that are millimeters wide, removing them so that new skin can grow underneath.


How Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

The goal of laser skin resurfacing is to remove the topmost layer of skin that accumulates the most damage from weathering and aging. Once this skin is gone, newer, fresher skin can grow to replace it. The skin is removed through a single-wavelength laser that burns it away, layer by layer.

The procedure takes from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how much skin is being treated. You and your doctor will decide which areas to focus on: specific lines and wrinkles, or large portions of skin including the entire face. Your doctor may use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, or a general anesthetic for large sections of skin.

After the procedure, you will need to follow post-care instructions to manage the treatment area carefully. The affected skin is bandaged, then needs to be cleaned often. Swelling is a normal side effect. About a week after laser skin resurfacing, the skin begins to peel, and the full healing process takes about 2-3 weeks. Skin tends to grow back lighter than before, so make sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and moisturizer and limit your time in the sun.

The result is fresh, rejuvenated skin with reduced signs of aging. Contact Premier Wellness and Aesthetics Center for more information on laser skin resurfacing and how it can benefit you.